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Free roll

We offer you the exciting opportunity to claim free Litecoin every hour through our Free Roll feature. Here's how it works: Our proprietary script algorithm generates a random number every hour, ensuring fairness and transparency in the reward distribution process. This algorithm is kept private to maintain the integrity of the system. Once the number is generated, you'll receive a reward based on the outcome. The reward you receive depends entirely on the number generated, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to each claim. Claiming your free Litecoin is simple and risk-free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Simply participate in the Free Roll every hour for your chance to win.


In our site you can won or lost litecoin in our multiply game. In addition to our Free Roll feature, offers an exciting Multiply game where you can potentially increase your Litecoin holdings. However, it's important to note that this game involves risk, and if you're facing financial difficulties, we strongly advise against participating. Here's how the Multiply game works: Using our proprietary script algorithm, a random number is generated to determine the outcome of each round. This algorithm remains private to ensure the fairness and integrity of the game. Your chances of winning depend on various factors, including your win chance, which is calculated based on mathematical operations and other variables.


You can participate in our lottery for the chance to win or lose funds. Simply purchase a lottery ticket, and if your ticket matches a winning position in the drawn list, you'll receive funds accordingly. It's important to note that funds (Litecoin) used for lottery tickets are non-refundable. We encourage responsible participation and remind users to only invest what they can afford to lose. Our goal is to provide an exciting and safe gaming experience for all participants.


You can participate in our blackjack game, placing your bets and competing against the dealer for the chance to win Litecoin. However, it's important to exercise caution, especially if you're facing financial difficulties. While blackjack can be an exciting way to potentially increase your Litecoin holdings, there is also a risk of losing your funds. We strongly advise against using the blackjack game if you're experiencing financial problems, as there is a possibility of losing all your Litecoin. Please remember that funds wagered in this game are not refundable, and any losses incurred are your responsibility.


At, you have the opportunity to earn interest on your Litecoin holdings. This feature allows you to grow your cryptocurrency investment over time. If you prefer not to participate, you can easily disable this option at any time. Rest assured that your Litecoin is stored using the most secure methods available, ensuring the safety of your funds. For more details on how the interest-earning feature works and any additional rules, please refer to the Earn section of our platform. We prioritize the security and satisfaction of our users, providing transparent and flexible options for managing your cryptocurrency assets. Join us at and start maximizing the potential of your Litecoin holdings today

Withdraw and deposit

Users have the freedom to deposit or withdraw their funds (Litecoin) at any time without facing maintenance restrictions. Occasionally, there may be periods of deposit or withdrawal maintenance, but users will typically experience uninterrupted access to their funds. When processing transactions, users are required to pay a network fee, which covers the cost of transmitting the transaction to the network, as well as our efforts to verify the transaction's accuracy. To initiate a withdrawal, your account balance must exceed the minimum withdrawal threshold plus the network fee. If your balance falls below this threshold, you will not be eligible to withdraw funds. It's important to note that funds (Litecoin) in this section are non-refundable in cases where users provide an incorrect withdrawal address. Therefore, users are encouraged to double-check their withdrawal addresses to ensure accuracy and prevent any potential loss of funds.

Disable account

Our site rules is crucial to maintaining a safe and fair environment for all users. As outlined in the rules displayed below the login dialog, failure to comply may result in the disabling of your account. In such cases, any funds held in your account may be forfeited to our site. However, we understand that mistakes can happen, and if you believe your account was disabled unfairly, you have the right to contest this decision. Simply contact us, and we will provide evidence regarding the activity that led to the account disablement. We value transparency and fairness in our interactions with users, and we are committed to resolving any disputes promptly and equitably. Your satisfaction and trust are our top priorities

Additional fee

It's imperative to adhere to the rules clearly outlined below the login dialog or here. Failure to comply with these rules may lead to the disabling of your account, and any funds held within your account may be forfeited to our site. However, we recognize that misunderstandings can occur. If you disagree with the account disablement, you have the right to contact us. We will provide evidence regarding the activity that led to the account's disabling.


You are solely responsible for the activity conducted on your account. Our site disclaims responsibility for any actions taken on your account. In the event of misuse or password theft, the responsibility lies entirely with you, including any resulting consequences such as the loss of funds. We urge users to prioritize the security of their accounts by maintaining strong passwords and employing additional security measures such as two-factor authentication. By taking these precautions, you can help mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and protect your funds. At, we are committed to providing a secure platform for our users, but ultimately, the security of your account rests in your hands. We encourage proactive measures to safeguard your account and assets


We prioritize the security and integrity of our users' funds. Our funds are securely held in hardware wallets, ensuring maximum protection against potential threats. Additionally, we maintain meticulous accounting practices to track all funds accurately. It's essential for our users to know that our company always maintains sufficient funds in custody to fulfill all withdrawal requests according to the rules outlined in the withdrawal section. This commitment ensures that our users can confidently withdraw their funds as per our platform's guidelines, without any delays or complications. We believe in transparency and accountability in all aspects of our operations, especially when it comes to managing our users' funds. You can trust our site to uphold the highest standards of security and reliability at all times